Stress Knowledge Map

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SKM registration

Nice that you are interested in SKM!

Please note that all information in SKM is accessible without an account:

  • Interactive exploration of PSS (Plant Stress Signalling model): PSS Explorer,
  • Interactive exploration of CKN (Comprehensive Knowledge Network): CKN Explorer,
  • Both are available for download here: Downloads, and
  • More information is here: Documentation.

Registration is only necessary in the case you will be contributing specific, additional information to extend the number of reactions in the database. For example, you find that a (well characterized) reaction is missing in our model (definitively the case as we are manually adding information from papers), and are also willing to enter it through our contribution interface.

In this case, please use the Contact us form to request an account invitation, including your institutional affiliation, as well as background and motivation for contributing.

Please note that NEWT is a client-side application, and therefore relies on your local computer capabilities. Given the relatively large size of PSS, rendering the network may take a while.